Our Outerwear Production, is from thermal to suits, lightweight soft-shell and wind-stop waterproof jackets.

We develop, together with the customer, the various possibilities and needs with the best suppliers of fabrics and accessories, allowing us to obtain the high solution for every specific requirement.

Soft shell has so many excellent properties. For example, the material is very soft, comfortable and therefore relatively light. It reliably protects against wind, moisture and cold. Whether it’s storms, rain, or un cold temperatures – soft shell jackets are perfect for protection against atmospheric agents. For this purpose, the material is extremely breathable. This means that the body heat remains where it is to be: in your body. And even if you’re sweating a lot, excess moisture and heat is transported outdoors very fast. So, the skin remains dry.

The company versatility allows to produce outerwear for every need, we are more than a producer, we are a partner for our costumer.