With Experience over 11 years in the nursing-pyjamas industry, we are a leading company in the market.
A well-established production, ranging from pajamas, night shirts, evening dresses and coordinated night-dresses; Particular attention is paid to the quality not only of the raw materials, but also of the manufacturing, the good fit and the accuracy of the finishing touches.

We can offers a full range of products from the youngest to adult, practical and comfortable underwear for all ages to wear with pleasure, because most of our raw materials are obtained through a verticalized process. All the fabrics are subjected to a thorough analysis before being put into production. The specular process has the purpose of detecting and eliminating any defects or non-conformities of raw materials when cutting.

Our products are of good quality and with quick delivery times. It is this expertise, now rare in the manufacturing industry, the true strength of this company in our territory, which has adapted to the continuous evolutions of our customers in the pyjamas sector.