Proudly to say & show our latest knitting set-up with Next Generation knit machines came from Taiwan, can produce high quality all kind of knitted fabrics.
Beside that we have flat knit machines that produce high quality collar/cuff fabrics & Ribs.


The total floor area in dyeing it is about 93000 sft. & Dyeing capacity 22500 Kgs per day.


Gerber Paragon® HX cutter is a high-speed, conveyor cutting system designed to cut materials, such as fabrics. The interface systematically guides though each step of the process and automatically adjusts parameters according to specific job types and materials. Quick, accurate set-up and self-adjusting cutting intelligence, cutting faster and with greater efficiency. Better productivity and workflow increase output of cut parts and shorten lead times.
The GERBE Rspreader™ XLs is an automated spreading solution that ensures material rolls are spread without tension and the edges are aligned perfectly. Full setup can cover per day average style 24000 pcs cutting in 10 hours.


Our production Lines set-up by latest 1700 sewing machine.
Direct-drive, high-speed, sewing system with automatic thread trimmer, Higher productivity, has digitalized the drive mechanism of the sewing machine which determines the “seam” quality.
Maximum sewing speed is increased to 7,000sti/min.
The needle bar mechanism and upper looper mechanism have been redesigned to require no lubrication. The frequency of stain removal or re-sewing is reduced.
The world’s highest sewing speed and dry-head mechanism of its predecessor model. In addition, this machine comes with the latest model operation panel which is installed with a USB port. Furthermore, all drive mechanisms have been digitalized to manage each sewing pattern individually. We are concern of quality for that reason we are always one step forward.