EFL endorses regular training programs for the workers and employees to ensure the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies which are crucial for them to amplify the aptitude in day to day tasks. HR and Compliance team systematizes training on First Aid, Fire Safety, New Employee Orientation, PPE use, Machine Safety, Grievance Procedure, Security Training, Pregnant workers’ awareness training, Chemical Safety, Health & Safety, House Keeping, Social Awareness etc. For mid level management the team organizes regular proficiency building training on different processes.

Childcare Center

EFL realizes the concern of workers who are the parents of young child. To relieve the concern of parent worker, EFL own a well-organized childcare center where the children are nurtured with proper care by an experienced child care supervisor. She takes care of the children with proper discipline.

Health Care

A sound health is the first condition to have the best performance. Therefore, we always keep the production area very neat & clean. We provide pure drinking water for the workers. And for any unexpected situation or accident we have made an emergency volunteer team who will control the situation. We have arrangement of first aid box in every floor for initial treatment. We have appointed one MBBS doctors and one paramedics to treat the worker’s health.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

EFL has planned to installed addressable fire alarm system which can readily identify detector location and each detector has a unique address. (Loop & Sensor number & descriptive location address)

Evacuation Plan, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Drill, Wide Stair, Industrial Exhaust fan, Emergency Exit Signs

Each floor have evacuation plan for emergency evacuation in case of fire. We have 360 DCP & 83 CO₂ which is fire fighting device. Fire extinguishers are allocated in every floor through a systematic manner. Monthly fire drills are initiated in our company to make the workers efficient fire fighter. We have 25 Fire hose. There are four wide (8.5 feet) stairs for emergency evacuation. Each floor is equipped with adequate exhaust fan. Emergency Exit signs are marked for emergency evacuation.

Wash room & Toilets, Pure Drinking Water

There is 1 toilet for each 25 workers. In every floor we have the arrangement of pure drinking water facility for workers and employees.

Emergency Telephone

Lists of emergency telephone no. such as fire brigade, hospitals & Police Station are hanging on the wall of every floor for emergency.

Emergency Light

EFL has ensured adequate emergency light to use in case of power failure.

Working Environment

Adequate ventilation & electric light is provided in the working places.

Good Practice in EFL

SL #Type of Benefit
1Health CareFree of Cost
2Child CareFree of Cost
3Insurance CoverageFree of Cost
4Annual LeaveWith Full pay
5Sick Leave (14 Days)With Full pay
6Casual Leave (10 Days)With Full pay
7Emergency LeaveCompany Policy
8Maternity Leave (112 days)With Full pay
9Religious & holiday Leave (11 days)With Full pay
10Attendance BonusCompany Policy
11Eid BonusBasic Salary